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Increase in Antidepressant prescribing in the United Kingdom

So I basically looked on one of our favorite blog webistes Badscience to help me write my first blog. I’ve never written a blog before nor am I used to writing for the general public but I decided to give it a try. I saw a blog in Badscience that talked about the increase in prescribing antidepressants in the UK. I have had several friends that have been on antidepressants and it just seemed like a good topic to talk about. The article is basically about the reasons for this increase in the UK. Prescriptions were mostly for young women and have doubled recently. These prescriptions were mostly given for long term effect for patients. The main reason for this increase is explained by small changes in the proportion of patients receiving long term treatment. The reason I chose this article is because I have had friends with serious depression problems. And the crazy thing that I have found is that depression hits the people you least expect. In my experience, my friends were the ones that were always smiling and positive about life and the next thing I knew they were depressed and taking pills. Depression is a scary thing and can even lead to an overdose if the person cannot deal with what’s going on. A close friend of mine was very open with her experience with antidepressants. I was very saddened by the thought that she was depressed all the time and there was nothing I could do to help. I believe that it isn’t only in the UK that there has been an increase in prescribing antidepressants. I have heard more and more situations where prescriptions were needed. The author of Badscience has written about this issue before because there have been other periods where an increase has been noticeable. There haven’t been clear explanations for this increase and there continues to be research on it. I just wanted to see what people’s thoughts was for this increase. Maybe you guys have certain ideas on what may cause this increase, from your own experiences, if you feel comftorble of course. In my experience, it can be anything from breaking up with a boyfriend to the loss of a loved one. And for the idea that the prescriptions have increased for the long term patients, it might have to do with their tolerance to the antidepressant. Just like with anything drug related, once your body has a certain amount of something over time, they need more to have the same effect. I believe this might be the biggest reason but then again, I am no scientist. So what do you guys think?

Here is the link to the article that the blog Badscience used as well as the actual Blog.


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